Men’s health

Dr. Manuel Torres

According to Dr. Manuel Torres, Physician Lead at Baptist Health Primary Care, men maybe do not prioritize their health as much as women do. It’s very often to see the wife dragging her husband in the doctor’s office.

In other cases, the patient is taken to the doctor's office because somebody else in his family has expressed a concern specifically. The specialist says it’s never too late to begin to address medical care, because, sometimes, men need to discuss those things in particular details.

Erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, and generally cancer risk as a whole, are very common, and cardiovascular complaints are becoming more concerning because of the growing obesity epidemic. The doctor adds men in their 40s or 50s begin to sort of feel that they are not 18 any more and they start to feel aches and pains in difficult situations so they become aware that they have to address these healthcare concerns.

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